Saturday, 7 July 2012

The more you learn , the better it gets.

 For the past days i though about some stuffs. And I got for the decision that in life we have to pass throw a lot of situation to learn , they can be bad or good , because these situation well helps us to become a better person and to become more confident about our self, to believe that we can acheave so much just in the idea that we have to be determined. People will always have something to say and what they say might hurt us but that isn't going to break us down ,it might hurt ,especially if it's from a person you never though it would come from.But the most important thing is to let go and don't listen to these people. We have to forgive these people who hurt us and because of them we learned to be careful  and cautious to whom we open our heart to and be thankful of them because they have helped us to learn more about trust.

So today i decide to continue my favorite thing : photography. So here we go it all started again <3.
Sorry for the bad quality , i took this picture with my iphone..

With love Stephanie

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